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Nothing like Christmas time to try and wake up this lost blog thingy, right?

It's been so long its not even funny. Or maybe it is. This here account never got much attention, from me or anyone else, but I have the inspiration now to try and make something of a posting habit. We'll see how it goes.

See, I wanted to post thinky thoughts on my shows. I watch quite a few TV shows and I would like to have a place to write about them. Nothing fancy, I've seen so many fangirly and clever and analytical posts here on DW, I could never do anything like that. This would be just me and my reactions and sometime thinky thoughts on stuff I watch.

We'll see.

Right now I'm waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Expectations are high, even though I have issues with Moffats way of telling stories sometimes. Single episodes are usually awesome, even beyond awesome, but this last season felt oddly disjointed to me. I couldn't quite get into the narrative, which bugged me to no end. I want to love Moffats Doctor, I really do.


Jun. 1st, 2009 04:43 pm
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Right now I'm very amused by how many Whedon-fans who started out watching Dollhouse, saw a few episodes and decided that it was not for them. That's fine of course. You're allowed not to like whatever you wish. Even if it is a show by the beloved Joss. Obviously.

You're even allowed to go on and on about how Whedon is condoning prostitution and whatnot. Fine. I don't exactly agree, but that's fine. Rant all you want.
I'm not going to go into that discussion, I don't think I could do it eloquently enough in my native tongue, much less in english. Suffice to say I think that Dollhouse makes quite a few points about prostitution and slavery if you want to look for them.

What amuses me to no end right now is how many wrinkled their noses after a few episodes and declared that this was BAD. Loud and clear. Fail, Whedon. And then, someone whispered that maybe they should give it another go, that things started to happen later in the season. So they did, and lo and behold. All is forgiven.

I wonder what it is that makes some people so quick to judge. Like it's a sport for the really superior to bash new and highly anticipated shows or products or whatnots. We know that most shows take a while to find their voice, their look and their mission. The first season of anything is almost always the worst. This is how it works. Even for Joss Whedon, surrounded by people he knows well and has worked with before. It takes time. To see nothing but the pilot and decide that "this is crap, and I'm going to tell the world how this show sucks", that's... Well, that's stupid. Specifically if you know, like we do, that Joss Whedon usually makes some pretty neat television.

I guess it does make me feel a bit superior, to have stuck to the show through the not so brilliant parts. Sigh.

But still!


May. 28th, 2009 01:50 pm
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I'm a slow reader. I know this, and it saddens me a great deal. I'd like to be as fast as I was when I was younger, but it's just not happening.
Of course I'm not helped by not being able to put down really boring books. I don't have the ability any longer to sit and read for hours and hours on end, and if I'm not inclined to pick up the book in question in the first place... Well. I don't get much read these days.

Now, as I mentioned before, I'm rereading The Dresden Files. I'm helped by the fact that I can almost remember what's going to happen, just enough to know it's coming up to an interesting point or a cool scene, and of course the series can by no means be counted as heavy literature. But still, it makes me really, really happy when I realise that I've just plowed through fifty pages in almost no time at all. I've gotten so used to only read a few pages a day, I'm thrilled at the sudden pace.

That said, I'm still going very slowly. The twelve-year-old me would be disgusted by my apparent lack of enthusiasm.
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So... Yes, Dollhouse got a season 2. FOX, are you feeling okay? ;P

I was happy to hear that they had decided to give Joss a second season, but at the same time I couldn't help but think: FOX did what?? They're not supposed to act like that. They're the ones who butchered Firefly, they aren't supposed to care about things that the fans care about. FOX only ever bothers about the money, and if a show isn't delivering it will be put down. Inevitably.
I might have been the only one who liked Drive, with poor Nathan Fillion in the lead, FOX cancelled it after no more than four aired episodes. It had a cool premise, but not enough people watched it, and so it was axed. That's what FOX does.

In my opinion the Dollhouse premise has a lot more potential. But. This is FOX. I thought Joss were screwed the moment he decided to work with them again.
Apparently there is some new blood over at FOX, and they are willing to see where Joss Whedon will take Dollhouse. Above all, they actually seem to be willing to let him take it where he wants to. It's just a bit amazing, and I feel I might have to rethink my view of FOX. Or maybe just not always believe the worst of them.

In other news, I have had sushi for dinner which was delicious. And tomorrow I have to leave early. I'm going to be a good girl and turn in RSN.


May. 23rd, 2009 11:40 pm
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Today is a good day. Nothing that needs to be done, except eat and watch TV. Well, and play a bunch of stupid flash games. Very important indeed, those flash games, oh yes...
But it's such a luxurious feeling. To have a day where nothing is expected of me, not even something small. I didn't even have to get dressed, but well, I did anyway. Sweetie had a few errands to run, and I did feel a bit guilty when he got ready and left, but it passed and I settled down on the couch again. Sweet, sweet day of nothing to do. I need it, and badly.

It bothers me a bit, I don't remember being this easily stressed about almost anything a few years back. Something has definitely happened. And it's not just the mental stress that is suddenly getting to me when before it didn't, my body is protesting in new and interesting ways. Could it be an age thing, something that will resolve itself as I get older? I actually hope so. Getting older and more comfortable in my own skin is something to look forward to. Something to treasure when I get there.

Today is not that day. Today is a day for Farscape and Witchblade. Today is a day for not thinking too many thinky thoughts.

V Remake

May. 21st, 2009 12:22 pm
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I am not usually a fan of remakes. I prefer watching the original in all it's often cheesy and lower budget glory. Not to say I can stay away for remakes of shows that I love anyway... :)

So of course, when I first heard they were doing a remake of V, the first show to scare the crap out of me when I was little, I vowed not to watch it. And of course, now I might just have to break that vow.


May. 21st, 2009 11:07 am
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Today I woke up with a headache. Joy. Usually sleep is the one thing that helps to cure it, but not today. Somehow I've been clenching my jaw in my sleep, and even though I've been up for several hours I can't seem to relax. As soon as I don't think about it my whole head turns into a tight bundle of stress. I wish I knew what the cause is, but alas, I have no idea. Work is fine, relationship is fine, and even the wheather is fantastic today. It's a sunny almost-summer's day outside the window. But I still can't shake the stress out of my head.


Maybe I'll try a few eps of Star Trek TNG, see if it helps. I've reached the middle of season four, and it's getting to where there's actually a chance for solid good episodes. Or at least, they're not all painfully full of embarrasing dialouge and plotholes the size of... some huge things.


May. 19th, 2009 11:33 am
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Yes, I did kind of disappear, didn't I? Guess I'm not used to this whole updating business yet. I just plain forgot, is the simple truth.

Also, I didn't feel like anything happened worth mentioning. Twilight took forever to finish, it became sort of silly towards the end. The last thirty pages, which I normally feel will swoosh by in any book, just didn't want to get read. My sweetie asked why I bothered, surely I must be able to say that I read all of it if I only had thirty pages left? No. No no no. That's not how it works.

But after that pain of a read I felt the need for something... oh, I don't know. Better? :P And so I picked up The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. It's been a while and I haven't read the last two in the series yet. So I started at the beginning yesterday, with Storm Front. It's familiar and comfortable, and I really enjoy Harry Dresden's... whatever it's called that he has. :D Huge difference. Now I can't wait for time to spend reading.

...unless it's time spent watching TV, possibly. We have gone through almost all of Futurama in the last couple of weeks. I love it! Quirky and fun and with a not so subtle wish to poke fun at themselves and the scifi genre. We finished the last of the TV episodes on Sunday, hopefully we'll get to the movies this weekend. Weekdays are too busy for moviewatching these days.
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Oh, best news today! Finally som cast updates on the HBO pilot for A Game of Thrones.

I simply adore the books by George R.R. Martin and I'm waiting very impatiently to see if HBO can do them justice.
Peter Dinklage has been rumored for the part of Tyrion for a long time, and I'm happy with the choice. He is a thoroughly good actor, and we need a lot of good actors for this one. If it gets picked up, this'll be a huge show.
I have no opinion on the director, Tom McCarthy, but I think I might just go hunting for other's thoughts on him now. :)

Damn, whenever I try to add a link in Rich Text Mode, the whole page gets eaten. Guess it's IE6 fucking it up. I so need to get rid of it. Why oh why won't they let me use FF on this here computer? *sob* *rewrites*


May. 5th, 2009 05:00 pm
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I was looking for something light to read during my lunch hour. I usually seek out a quiet corner to eat, since my co-workers are nice but kinda loud, and I want something to keep me company. I'd noticed the Twilight craze and thought why not. I prefer some sort of fantastic, supernatural, quality to my reading and when I was younger at least I really enjoyed romance novels.

I must have grown out of it.

Really. I don't understand what everybody who loves the Twilight series is on about. It starts out sooo slow, nothing happens for the first hundered pages, then a few better paced scenes. Then it's back to boring. Sometimes I could scream at my inability to give up on books I've started...
Bella moves in with her father in the quiet little town and then she goes to school. Um. Okay. When she falls in love with the vampire and starts to interact with him we learn that he is perfect in every way. Handsome and strong and clever and yawwwn... His only fault is his strong and perfect love for Bella. Perfectly perfect, I can do without it, thank you.
I guess the romance of the story is just wasted on me. I probably would have enjoyed it more if that aspect had not seemed so uninterestingly executed to me. At least a little bit of struggle, not for the two to simply fall in love and that's that. And if only the whole vampire mythology hadn't been so... Dull. So much can be done with these creatures, I'm surprised Stephanie Meyer opts out of all of it. They're perfect, end of story. Bleh.

I have about a hundered pages left, and I will finish it, but after that I won't look twice at a any more Stephanie Meyer novels.

Back to Koontz maybe, I've been meaning to read the Odd books. Or maybe I'll pick up Abercrombie's The Blade Itself. We'll see.
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Woke up this morning to the sound of rain drops falling on leaves outside the window. A light summery rain, it's the best kind. ♥ I don't care much for actually being in it, but the sound of rain always makes my heart soar.

I was surprised to read about the people who thought it was a good idea to create popular user names in bulk and then try to sell them to people who might want them. I mean, really? There's a new website dedicated to open expression and creativity, and that's what you come up with? I probably shouldn't be so naive, this is the way of the Internets after all, but still. Boggles my mind, just a little bit.
I do think the whole thing was nicely handled though. A temporary cap on how many comms you can create per week and a renaming of the communities in question. Swift and easy. Above all it's an important gesture. It's one thing to say that you want to do things right, but to actually find a good and reasonable solution to a potentional problem is quite another.

And then, [staff profile] denise's answer to the first complaint over content in somebody else's account. The answer was "so don't look at it, then!"
I LOLed. I must confess, I have little patience with the Easily Offended, and I love that this can be the way to deal with those who'd prefer it if the world could be remade in their image. Not everybody like or approve of the same things. It's impossible even in culturally uniform places, and this sure ain't one of those... If you don't approve, just don't look. It will make everybodys lives better.

Monday, and it would seem that I'm slowly returning to that feeling of fangirly happiness. That and the rain will make this week... good. I think.
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It strange. I've been feeling all fangirly over DW the last couple of weeks. Anticipation was filling my head with loverly mushiness, I couldn't wait for Open Beta to arrive, I couldn't wait to start exploring this new, potentially wonderful, place.
Or rather, I could wait. I didn't mind waiting at all, it was a nice feeling. I don't know anybody to bug for an invitation code, and I felt good enough about what I saw that I wanted to pay for it.
April 30th rolls around, and I suddenly feel... Well, not apprehensive. But I... This is a totally new place, and everywhere I look I see people who already know each other. I don't know anybody here. And all of a sudden I'm shy. Haven't felt this shy in a long time, but there you go.

I want to use DW to find new people, new friends, and it seems like a good place to find awesome people. Just need to figure out how it's done. ;)


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