May. 5th, 2009 05:00 pm
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I was looking for something light to read during my lunch hour. I usually seek out a quiet corner to eat, since my co-workers are nice but kinda loud, and I want something to keep me company. I'd noticed the Twilight craze and thought why not. I prefer some sort of fantastic, supernatural, quality to my reading and when I was younger at least I really enjoyed romance novels.

I must have grown out of it.

Really. I don't understand what everybody who loves the Twilight series is on about. It starts out sooo slow, nothing happens for the first hundered pages, then a few better paced scenes. Then it's back to boring. Sometimes I could scream at my inability to give up on books I've started...
Bella moves in with her father in the quiet little town and then she goes to school. Um. Okay. When she falls in love with the vampire and starts to interact with him we learn that he is perfect in every way. Handsome and strong and clever and yawwwn... His only fault is his strong and perfect love for Bella. Perfectly perfect, I can do without it, thank you.
I guess the romance of the story is just wasted on me. I probably would have enjoyed it more if that aspect had not seemed so uninterestingly executed to me. At least a little bit of struggle, not for the two to simply fall in love and that's that. And if only the whole vampire mythology hadn't been so... Dull. So much can be done with these creatures, I'm surprised Stephanie Meyer opts out of all of it. They're perfect, end of story. Bleh.

I have about a hundered pages left, and I will finish it, but after that I won't look twice at a any more Stephanie Meyer novels.

Back to Koontz maybe, I've been meaning to read the Odd books. Or maybe I'll pick up Abercrombie's The Blade Itself. We'll see.
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