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So there, I watched it. And...

Well, I liked it.

It had a bit of that Moffat-y disjointedness that I've come to dread, but not too much and that last scene with the Ponds (the Ponds!) made up for it.

I liked the Narnian elements, I liked Madge and I liked how the kids where really quite clever. I liked how the Doctor fixes things (I KNOW!) and how proud he was, and what a good match Matt Smith is with almost any young actor he comes across. I would have liked it if the story were a bit more... I don't know, tight, but it was obvious they were going for that christmassy feel and I guess they pretty much nailed it.

I didn't like how Madge saved everyone because she is a WOMAN with a WOMB and therefore she is STRONG. Can't have a woman be awesome just because, no she has to be a MOTHER to be spectaular. Sigh.
She was spectacular though, Madge would have made an awesome companion.

But it was good, and it was good to have a bit of Who in the house. It's been so long, and I'm not sure how long it will be before the next season.


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