Jun. 1st, 2009 04:43 pm
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Right now I'm very amused by how many Whedon-fans who started out watching Dollhouse, saw a few episodes and decided that it was not for them. That's fine of course. You're allowed not to like whatever you wish. Even if it is a show by the beloved Joss. Obviously.

You're even allowed to go on and on about how Whedon is condoning prostitution and whatnot. Fine. I don't exactly agree, but that's fine. Rant all you want.
I'm not going to go into that discussion, I don't think I could do it eloquently enough in my native tongue, much less in english. Suffice to say I think that Dollhouse makes quite a few points about prostitution and slavery if you want to look for them.

What amuses me to no end right now is how many wrinkled their noses after a few episodes and declared that this was BAD. Loud and clear. Fail, Whedon. And then, someone whispered that maybe they should give it another go, that things started to happen later in the season. So they did, and lo and behold. All is forgiven.

I wonder what it is that makes some people so quick to judge. Like it's a sport for the really superior to bash new and highly anticipated shows or products or whatnots. We know that most shows take a while to find their voice, their look and their mission. The first season of anything is almost always the worst. This is how it works. Even for Joss Whedon, surrounded by people he knows well and has worked with before. It takes time. To see nothing but the pilot and decide that "this is crap, and I'm going to tell the world how this show sucks", that's... Well, that's stupid. Specifically if you know, like we do, that Joss Whedon usually makes some pretty neat television.

I guess it does make me feel a bit superior, to have stuck to the show through the not so brilliant parts. Sigh.

But still!
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