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So... Yes, Dollhouse got a season 2. FOX, are you feeling okay? ;P

I was happy to hear that they had decided to give Joss a second season, but at the same time I couldn't help but think: FOX did what?? They're not supposed to act like that. They're the ones who butchered Firefly, they aren't supposed to care about things that the fans care about. FOX only ever bothers about the money, and if a show isn't delivering it will be put down. Inevitably.
I might have been the only one who liked Drive, with poor Nathan Fillion in the lead, FOX cancelled it after no more than four aired episodes. It had a cool premise, but not enough people watched it, and so it was axed. That's what FOX does.

In my opinion the Dollhouse premise has a lot more potential. But. This is FOX. I thought Joss were screwed the moment he decided to work with them again.
Apparently there is some new blood over at FOX, and they are willing to see where Joss Whedon will take Dollhouse. Above all, they actually seem to be willing to let him take it where he wants to. It's just a bit amazing, and I feel I might have to rethink my view of FOX. Or maybe just not always believe the worst of them.

In other news, I have had sushi for dinner which was delicious. And tomorrow I have to leave early. I'm going to be a good girl and turn in RSN.
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